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Try a Kart Days


Try a Kart days are meant for people who are interested in karting and would like to try it out, but don’t have the necessary equipment yet. We will provide the karts, safety equipment, and instruction to learn to kart in a safe, fun environment.


The day will start with safety instruction, a walkthrough of the karts and our track, and basic instruction on how to drive safely with others. Each participant will get at least three 10 minute karting sessions throughout the day.

If you're interested, email to register!


When are they?

Day 1 - May 11th

Day 2 - May 18th


Who can participate?

Anyone who is at least 8 years of age, or turns 8 the year of the event.


Can adults register?

Yes. About one third of the participants will be adults.


What does it cost?

$80 per participant.


What do I need to bring?

Each participant will need to bring long sleeve clothing, pants, gloves, and closed toe shoes. We will provide karts and helmets.


How long is it?

The days will begin at 10am and aim to finish around 3pm.


Can I watch if I’m not participating?

Yes! You’re more than welcome to come watch. We have plenty of seating available with great views of the track.


How many people will there be?

There will be approximately 10-15 participants.

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